Smoked cheeses


Hungarian people love smoke offerings, such as meat, fish, vegetables, spices and imparticular cheeses.

The smoking gives the extra taste to the cheeses and makes cheese lovers very happy.


Usually, we use the Alpine brand of hard cheeses and the Ornelle and Puhoi Valley brand camembert cheese for smoking.

The Philadelphia cream cheese smoked taste is really unique.

We also cater for vegan/vegetarian customers who want to have the taste of smoked cheese. Here it is! Angel food alternative cheddar is available smoked.

If you have a favourite cheese that you would like to smoke please contact me.

All products are smoked with the famous, new Zealander wood, the Manuka wood chips.

Don't miss it, the Manuka smoke gives an unbelievable taste. 

The manufactured product remains the same apart from being smoked.