Smoked cheeses

We Hungarian people love smoked things, be that dishes, meat, fish, vegetables, spices or cheeses.

The smoke gives the extra taste to the delicates, and make a big happy smile on the face of the gourmet people.


Usually, we use the Alpine brand of hard cheeses and the Ornelle brand Camembert cheese for smoking.

The Philadelphia cream cheese as smoked is really unique, I have been never tasted before that fantastic taste. The texture and the creamy, smoked flavour... just yummy.
We are thinking of vegan/vegetarian people also. Or if you are dairy-free diet but want to taste the smoked cheeses, here is the time.

If you have any other favourite cheese, imagine that as smoked... I am happy to give them some smoked taste.

We use the famous, new Zealander wood, the Manuka for smoking our products.

The cheeses incubate in half-day long, cold smoke for inimitable smoked camembert cheese.
You must taste it :)