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"Food can be a gateway to learning about a new culture and an extremely enjoyable way for people to learn more about the other’s origins.

In fact, anthropologists consider food to be very important to our social relationships and communication because it is something we can all share with each other."

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Please welcome our fantastic products, which were characterized by one of the customers: oh, that was so delicious, as if I were at home, it made me homesick ...

Hungarian people have a long and meaningful history in both the field developing the countries gastronomy. The centuries-old mixing with the European and Asian nations has influenced all areas of Hungarian cuisine.
Our special spicy foods make our dishes taste unique. The taste is a sensation and hard to forget...

All our products are made of 100% natural materials, handcrafted with love, and based on the original Hungarian family recipe.

We can 100% guarantee that you will find this style and unique taste here from us and Hungary :)

For every event, it is a perfect choice. 



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Markets on the weekend: Next Karaka Market on September

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 Happy to cater your any small or bigger event, have a look at the catering menu here: 

Individual orders are also available. For more informations contact me.

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