Smallgoods - Meats

We use the specific cuts of pork, natural casings, original Hungarian paprika, fresh garlic,  aromatic black peppercorns, finest herbs and spices, and no other ingredients.

The several spices and the method of preparation gives the pancetta pieces a different memorable taste.

NO preservatives - NO chemical - Absolutely gluten-free

In Hungary, each village family has its own - secret - recipe, which is followed during the processing of the pig.
These families, based on this, make sausages, salamis, white/black pudding, liverwurst and other goods every year :)
This recipe includes the method of cutting and processing, the quantity of pork meat and fat, the type and quantity of spices and other ingredients, the time of cooking and smoking, the method of drying and serving.

Here in New Zealand, we make our own meat recipes according to our 150 years ago own Hungarian family recipe.