In our country, the cooked pork belly in paprika powder (as we call it: abalt szalonna, ibilt silonni) is a well-known delicacy.


This yummy pork belly has cooked in garlic and peppercorn flavoured water, chilled, and has turned it in a lot of Hungarian paprika powder, and chopped garlic.


Slice thin slices that, and eat simply with bread.

"ABÁLT SZALONNA" - Cooked pork belly with paprika

250 Grams
  • Avaiable fresh or frozen. Please stipulate.

    One piece is around 250 g.

    NO preservatives, NO chemicals, Gluten-free product

    100% handcrafted products.

    Contains: hand-cut selected pork belly, salt, garlic, pepper corn, Hungarian paprika powder. 


  • Fresh products:

    Keep in fridge until use.

    Eat within 5 days. You can place in freezer.

    Frozen products:

    Keep frozen until use. Best before 6 months from the package day.

    Defrost in the fridge on the previous day.

    Must not freeze back after defrosted!

    After defrosting eat within 3-5 days.

    Ready to eat. Consume cold, slice thiny pieces. Perfect offer in antipasto plate. You can fry it, place in pizza top, or you can add to your favourite recipes.